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Stefano D'Alessio

music, media-art, visuals

MAI Instructor

Stefano D’Alessio (1987 Italy) is a New Media artist and composer, lives and works in Vienna (Austria). He creates interactive performances and installations, combining visuals, sound, physical computing and performance through programming.

His research addresses the digitization of the human in new technologies, virtual representations of the “real” and the distortions and perceptive amplifications caused by them. His work involves the human body as a subject for analyzing, coding, and decoding processes of the real/physical, into digital/abstract, questioning the ephemeral limits between machine and body, artificial intelligence and consciousness.

With a degree in Visual Art and Theatre at the IUAV University of Venice, Stefano D’Alessio is regularly teaching new media for interactive arts with Klaus Obermaier, at bachelor, master, and post-graduate master courses at the IUAV University and at the Linz University of Arts.

Since 2010 he regularly collaborates with Martina Menegon and Klaus Obermaier on different art projects, furthermore he realized music and interactive visuals for various artists, musicians, choreographers and theatre directors.

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