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The theme for LAbO 2019 will be ‘DISOBEDIENCE’. Be inspired by this and ... put your ideas on the blog!


Refusing to do what someone in authority tells you to do; (Cambridge Dictionary)

Refusal or neglect to obey; (Merriam-Webster)

Disobedience is deliberately not doing what someone tells you to do, or what a rule or law says that you should do; (Collins English Dictionary)

Disobedience means not following rules or instructions given to you by an authority figure; (vocabulary)

Failure or refusal to obey rules or someone in authority; (English Oxford Living Dictionaries)

Lack of obedience or refusal to comply; disregard or transgression; (Dictionary)

Refusal to obey; failure to follow rules, commands, etc.; insubordination; (Your Dictionary)




balkiness - contrariness - contumacy - defiance - frowardness - insubordination - intractability - obstreperousness - rebellion - rebelliousness - recalcitrance - refractoriness - unruliness - waywardness - willfulness




compliance - obedience - submission - subordinateness - subordination - tractability - tractableness



Civil Disobedience:

the act by a group of people of refusing to obey laws or pay taxes, as a peaceful way of expressing their disapproval of those laws or taxes and in order to persuade the government to change them; (Cambridge Dictionary)

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