Ann Eysermans
mei 23

DISOBEDIENCE - WARSOUND WARSZAWA Donia Jourabchi - Taufan Ter Weel - Krzysztof Marciniak - Dorian Batycka

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How much noise must we make in order to force a reaction? How can listening ground the amplification of social resistance? Can we turn that lady’s microphone off?


The bilingual publication of Warsound|Warszawa collects the sound-related thoughts, observations, concerns and hopes of its authors. It is also a special kind of diary. Authors of the book have met this disquiet year within the frames of the Residencies Programme at CCA Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw. Being sound artists, performers, activists and sound theoreticians, they perceive reality as a mixture of various waves and oscillations. They mix philosophy with acoustics, sound art with protest, and sound technology with resistance movements. Sketches, essays, manifests and projects of the sound interventions collected in this publication are aimed to become a starting point for further investigations and activities, but Warsound|Warszawa can also be a guide for anyone interested in listening to politics, and the politics of listening.




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