Eilidh Harrower
aug. 27


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Sarah Alves, PeiYun Chua and I would like to explore the idea of transformation through illustrations and movement.

How do an actor, a dancer and an illustrator collaborate on a project about movement? The obvious answer would be the illustrator draws the actions of the actor and the dancer and creates a piece of visual art from that. What would happen, however, if we were to take the process and flip it. If the process started with a drawing as an illustrated score, how would a dancer and an actor react to it? Would their reactions be different? Dancers and actors receive very different styles of movement training, and the way they process and interpret their work is also very different. When you put and actor and a dancer side by side, what sort of differences will there be in their improvised movements when given the same source stimulus? And how does an illustrator react then to their works being turned into a movement score? These are all questions we hope to tackle in this first rendition of “Metamorphosis”.

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