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Emilie Morin (Concordia University Canada)



Emilie Morin was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. She obtained her BA in dance in 2006 (UQÀM), and since then, works as a freelance dance performer for live performance and dance on screen. She has collaborated with many independent choreographers and filmmakers. She has traveled to Europe, the United States and Mexico to present her work, give conferences, teach and personal development. To investigate further the relation between dance and new medias, Emilie started an MFA at Concordia University in the Intermedia Program in 2017. Her academic research is funded by the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture (FRQSC).





Philippe Battikha (Concordia University Canada)

Musician, composer, sound-artist


Philippe Battikha is a musician, composer, and sound-artist. From live performances and recordings, to sound installations and film scores, his work is embedded with a certain fragility and introspection that is at once inviting yet unsettling. In 2016 his work Sub· text, was presented at the Musée National des Beaux-Arts de Québec (MNBAQ) as part of an inaugural group show exploring the new Pierre Lassonde pavilion. In April 2019, he is presenting his MFA thesis show, Objects of Sound, at the FOFA Gallery. For the next three years, Philippe has been awarded the honor of working out of the Darling Foundry, as one of their Montreal based resident artists.





Carmine Santavenere (Concordia University Canada)




I’m an Italian-Canadian artist born and raised in Vancouver, BC. Currently I’m based out in Montreal where I’m focusing on an MFA in Fibres and Material Practices at Concordia. I am a physical performer who has developed a material practice which stemmed from a focus in mask creation. I am currently obsessed with Paper Towel: It’s considered nothing, but is made of everything! I use my creations to extend my body to explore alternate worlds, narratives, different faces/identities, hidden feelings, and creatures. 


Link to work:





Ayam Yaldo (Concordia University Canada)

Performance, installations, composition


Ayam Yaldo is a Canadian based artist born in Baghdad, Iraq. Through various interventions that include performance, installation, theater and video, she creates compositions that set up a particular relationship with space. These carefully constructed landscapes – being exterior as well as interior to the artist – create a psychogeography in which Yaldo is able to express views about identity and the principles of representation that dictate its formulation in the world. From this aspect of her work, Yaldo is able to set up interplays between herself as a performing body, self-portraiture and her history, the latter being formed of real artifacts and materials as well of representation of various kinds. From these ontological separations (body, image and structures), emerge a feeling of reconstruction, transformation and ephemerality, one that is closely tied to displacement as a way to look at and live one’s life.

(password: ayam)

(password: ayam)  *watch video until 2:10 (starts over)

(password: ayam)

*this is the latest project that I've worked on





Mathias Geerkens (Sint-Lucas Antwerp)

Audiovisual installations and performance


Belgian artist st.l creates audiovisual installations and performances. st.l stands for the principle that the work stands on its own and detaches from the individual artist. The work searches for the essence of the subject.


A recurring theme in the work is the human body and its accompanying expression. We look for the way the brain functions, processes and perceives, and the way in which our perception is coloured by someone's individual experience.


We look at the mutual bonds between different materials and peoples relationships to them. How these different relations speak to each other, what connections and dialogues arise and what links exist between inner and outer perception. We look for the similarities, differences, and uses between the different forms of perception, after which is searched for the influence on human psychology and vise versa.


We look for the psychological links between these actions, reactions and feelings between people and material in order to look for a stronger connection. We look for a new way of dealing with our conscious and subconscious mind, and how we can control this, which can lead to better control of our senses and to the development of new senses. 





Fleur Roggeman (Sint-Lucas Antwerp)

Installation artist


I’m a 21 year old visual installation artist who loves to play with spaces on a scenographic level. I would like to work more with music and sound in general, so this is a great opportunity, and translate this to an abstract scene. For me light is the perfect visual translator for sound. Both are material you can’t physically grasp, but they are one of the best mediums to make an experience happen for the audience. And providing an experience is the highest goal for an artist from our new generation.







Sarah Adriaenssens (Sint-Lucas Antwerp)

Visual artist


"My artistic practice is based mostly on visuals with figurative and poetic qualities. Both analog and digital techniques inspire me to create. Sometimes I give life to the still image by animating it. My main sources of inspiration are oral stories and mythologies."


Link to my portfolio and ig:





Linsday Lambeets (Sint-Lucas Antwerp)



Hello! My name is Lindsay F.L.C, I'm a Belgian/Venezuelan illustrator, with themes of fantasy and science-fiction. My works consists of character art and design, story boarding, illustrations with hints of animation in them, mostly, all done digitally. I am eager to learn and experiment new things for my art, I am very curious of what I can be capable of in this project with new technologies, I look forward to it!


A link to my portfolio: and my instagram





Aline De Feyter (Sint-Lucas Antwerp)

Graphic designer


I am a graphic designer and aspiring to be a type designer, in my current masters project science meets design in the form of a didactic book that informs people about what the learning disability comprehends and how it differs itself in the way of thinking rather than making 'mistakes' on tests. (a link to the research for my masters project: With the eye on the future, I wish to push this subject further into type design: as a solution to the chaotic perception of numbers in daily life. I also love motion graphics and how typographic forms can be manipulated, for example: I can't wait to experiment with real movements, typography forms and pushing the boundaries of the rules of 'type design' like legibility in contrast to abstract forms.





Joud Toamah (Sint-Lucas Antwerp)

Graphic designer


Here a short biography about me:

"I am a graphic designer, graduated recently with a masters degree in the visual arts. In my work I seek to build meaningfully with the tools of design around questions and causes that I care deeply about. Memory and archiving are central themes in my personal work. The materiality or immateriality of a given situation or experience inspire the questions and the ways I reflect on them. This can be from flora and fauna to digital, photographic, sensorial and ephemeral."


Online portfolio:






Filip Decoster (Sint-Lucas Antwerp)

Visual artist


Antwerp based visual artist who works mainly with and creates sound, sculptures and installations.

overall a quiet dreamer and an anarchist at heart, loves to work hard and play harder. 

usually kind and cheerful.





Li Min Khoo (Lasalle College Of The Arts Singapore)

Electronic Music


I’m Joann Khoo, a student enrolled in the 3rd year of Lasalle College Of The Arts (Singapore) in the BA(Hons)Electronic Music stream. Through the course, I have worked on several projects, including building of our own musical instruments or setting up installations and performance spaces. In school, I have been exposed to various synthesisers such as the Moog Voyager and I own several Pocket Operators by Teenage Engineering that will be used as my main instrument together with my Macbook. Out of school, I am a club DJ at night and I’m familiar with DAWs such as Ableton Live, Logic Pro and Protools.


My projects done during my school term are on





Wei Li Valerie Lim (Lasalle College Of The Arts Singapore)



Valerie is a dance artist intrigued by the mysteries of the human body and multi-disciplinary immersive performances. She believes life is like a melting snowflake — beautiful but brief. It should be spent pursuing what makes us feel most alive. As part of her dissertation at Lasalle College of the Arts, Valerie put up a multi-disciplinary immersive performance based off Black Mirror’s San Junipero to invite audiences to confront their mortality


Instagram: @valerielim._





Pei Yun Chua (Lasalle College Of The Arts Singapore)



Pei Yun graduated from the Diploma in Dance Program at LASALLE College of the Arts with Distinction in 2017, where she was a recipient of the LASALLE Scholarship 2016/2017. She is also an inaugural recipient of the Angela Wu Peihui Dance Award for the academic year 2018/2019 in her final year of the BA(Hons) Dance Program.


During her time in the Diploma and BA(Hons) program in LASALLE, Pei Yun had the opportunity to work with both international and local choreographers. She also had the opportunity to venture overseas where she participated in the American Dance Festival 2017 and CounterTechnique OneBodyOneCareer Intensive 2018.


At current Pei Yun is open to teach, perform or collaborate with any creative individual as she continues to develop her practice Skinship: A Kinesthetic Tactile Approach to Making Dance.


Link to "Skinship" :





Eilidh Sinclair Splitt Harrower (Lasalle College Of The Arts Singapore)



Eilidh is an actor who has appeared as ‘Klein’ in The David Glass Ensemble’s Requiem for Change, ‘Officer’ and ‘Rebecca’ in Pinter Triple Bill (Ashes to Ashes, Mountain Language, New World Order) (Noor Effendy Ibrahim), ‘Duke of Exeter’ in

Henry V (Adam Marple), ‘Messenger’ in Medea (Elizabeth De Roza), and ‘William’ in Chatroom (Kieran McLoughlin).


Eilidh loves to create opportunities for development so that people can grow, through both the characters she plays on stage and her work with youths. Eilidh has volunteered with many youth theatre groups, teaching improvisation skills and devised theatre techniques. She is also trained in singing, and has trained as a youth musical theatre choreographer.


Eilidh loves writing and creating her own work, and would love the opportunity to stage something of hers in the future, possibly at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Travelling the world is a key part of Eilidh’s life, and she hope to take this forward into her career as well. 





Lara Bruggeman (Rotterdam)

Graphic designer


I am a graphic designer, but I like to combine my practice with other disciplines. By using analog and digital methods, I explore the possibilities of using contemporary technology in unexpected ways, during the design process. Furthermore, I am fascinated by decay, distortion, serendipity and technology.


Link to website:





Louisa Teichman (Rotterdam)

Digital artist


Louisa Teichmann is a Rotterdam based digital artist, working with themes around gaming and the effect of new technologies on interhuman relationships and sense of self. By analysing gameplay methods and implementing them into RL settings, she is creating scenarios in which the viewer turns into the protagonist of an interactive fictional narrative.


website: is describing my graduation project if you would like to have a look before I update the website next week.





Noémi Biró (Rotterdam)



I am a conditional designer based in Rotterdam, finishing up BA in Graphic Design, Autonomous Practices at WDKA. My fascination is finding the balance in the duality between tangible and digital. I am curious about work processes which start from an input and drive the research of exploring technology to create an interactive result. Currently I am experimenting with augmented reality and it's potential for an interactive installation in which the channel of augmentation is not the visual but the audio. 





Jane Bergkotte (Rotterdam)

Photography, coding


In my work I am constantly searching for new forms and techniques to express my thoughts. These forms have a wide range, they go from analog photography to visual computer codes. Within these techniques I am finding ways to add interaction, so that my work can evolve beyond my own abilities.






Eveline Vervliet (Fontys)

Composer and performer


“I’ve played the violin and the piano since I was 7-8 years old, and I started composing when I was 19. Currently, I’m about to finish my 2nd year of bachelor in composition and 3rd year in classical piano at the conservatory of Tilburg. My main artistic interests are interdisciplinarity, technology and new media, and investigating the boarders between composers-musicians-performers. I’m part of two collectives: Collectief Publiek Geluid (focusing on sound in public space, from Belgium) and Feedback (an interdisciplinary, open collective from Tilburg, The Netherlands).”


Link to work:





Fran Van Lysebettens (Fontys)

Alto/mezzo-soprano singer, composer and music theorist


Fran Van Lysebettens (Lemberge, 1992) is a classical alto/mezzo-soprano, composer and music theorist.

Musically she focuses a lot on opera and modern repertoire.

Because she has a background in visual arts and loves to work interdisciplinary,

she is always trying to make a singing performance more than just about singing.

In her spare time she plays harp, ukulele, draws and writes short stories.


Link to my site:





Summer Engels (Fontys)



Hey guys! My name is Summer Engels, 20 years old. I am currently a fourth year student at the Fontys Dance Acadamy, Dance Art in Context, in Tilburg. 





Emma Versluys (Fontys)



Emma Versluys is a second year dance performance student at Fontys Hogescholen voor de Kunsten. Since the discovery of dance, she had been exploring it's different styles. Momentarily, her main research and creations lay within the field of theaterdance, visual arts, videography and surrealism.


This is a link to a creation of Roberta Ceginskaite and me: 





Roberta Ceginskaite (Fontys)



I am a second year dance performance student from Fontys Dance Academy, Tilburg. Born in Lithuania, Leprechauns caught me at the age of 9 and relocated to Ireland. Been improvising since the dawn of day, yet the setting in started from the age of 16 (i.e taking ballet lessons). I am curious about everything, yet right now my love is spreading into the surreal, absurd and sometimes honestly mundane on stage and observed in life. 


This is a link to a little something myself and Emma Versluys made last summer.













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