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Tim Courtyn (KCA)

Classical guitar player


Tim Courtyn (1996) is a Belgian guitarist based in Ghent/Antwerp. Currently studying at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp with Nico Couck, he focuses mainly on modern and contemporary music. He is fascinated by the written and spoken word, the interaction between speech and music and the space in which the two overlap.






Alvarez Armesto Luisa Maria (KCA)

Composer, performer






Ewoud Van Eetvelde (KCA)

Jazz guitar player


Almost graduated as master in music, jazz guitar.

Experience with sounddesign, composite video feedback and mixing/mangling.


Big interest for interfacing different media into one big interactive loop.

A audiolink with a graphical composition and some other audioworks as "maanzonmaan".







Vigdis Elst (KCA)

Composer and performer


Composer-performer Vigdis Hansa Elst finished her Masters in Composition in June 2018, having studied with Wim Henderickx and Luc Van Hove at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp, and one year as an Erasmus student in ESMAE, Porto with Dimitris Andrikopoulos and Carlos Azevedo. Her final project was a music theatre performance created together with Muziektheater Transparant, coached by Wouter Van Looy, in which she wrote text and music but also performed as a vocalist. Next to composing, Vigdis has been taking (master)classes in jazz singing for over ten years, in Belgium and internationally. (password: "Blootbloot").






Floris Van der Veken (KCA)

Saxophone player, conductor


Floris Van der Veken (1998) is a classical saxophonist and conductor specialized in modern and contemporary music. He obtained his master in saxophone and creative project at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp. He worked in collaborations with dance (Fitri Setyaningsih, Zoë Leduc, Laura Walravens) and directed the dance-opera MOIRA (composed by Adam Clarke)(no recording yet). With Wim Henderickx he worked on the Empty Mind I concerto.






Kaori Ishiguri (KCA)



Kaori Ishiguro (Japan,1991) is a dancer and maker. She studied Classic Ballet and Modern dance in Japan. And She is studying Contemporary dance in Royal conservatory Antwerp since 2016. Her focus is mainly on the relation between audience and performer. Her question is How can we experiment with performer-audience relations? How can we break down the borders between performer and audience? She is trying to create more participation piece. She also wants to explore the possibilities that collaborating with other art form on the stage.


Here you can find my recent works






Dries Verheyen (KCA)

Classical guitar player


Hi, I’m Dries and almost master in classical guitar. Although this was the main part of my education, I’ve always tried to make the connection with the electric guitar, and it’s possibilities, as well as experiment with electronics. My passion is in music theater, where anything can happen in both a conventional and unconventional way. I’m open for new adventures and willing to reinvent old memories.






Mar Sala Romagosa (KCA/Conservatory Ghent)

Flute player


Belgium based, Mar Sala Romagosa did her flute master in classic and contemporary music in Ghent and piccolo master in Antwerpen. Mar Sala is founding member of the Nemø Ensemble of new music with Mar Sala has been part of the Ictus and Spectra Ensemble Academy and nowadays, she is performing new music in duo with the guitarist Pieter-Jan Vercammen.






Adam Clarke (Recent graduate of KCA)



'Adam Vincent Clarke (b.1992) is a Belgium based composer, from Canada to Germany to Belgium, he is a vagabond of Canada’s East Coast. Adam composes for ensembles, soloists, for ballet & contemporary dance alike from around North America to Europe and beyond. He is currently creating a new work in residence at Troubleyn/Jan Fabre.' 






Pieter-Jan Vercammen (Postgraduate KCA)

Classical guitar player


Pieter-Jan Vercammen is a guitarist specialised in performing contemporary experimental music. He is a member of Nemø Ensemble and is also playing in duo with Mar Sala Romagosa (flutist) and with Tim Courtyn (guitarist). He is also performing as a solo artist.


Link to my work:






Vitja Pauwels (Researcher at KCA)

Jazz guitar player, electronics


Vitja Pauwels is a Brussels based (acoustic, electric and pedal steel) guitar player. After having finished his jazz studies he started focussing on the integration of live electronics in his playing.


He currently works on an artistic research project called ‘Artificial Extentions of Acoustics’ ( together with Casper Van De Velde & Hendrik Lasure in which they develop custom setups for creative interplay (using MAX MSP, Ableton and hardware equipment).


He just released a live solo album on Rat Records / Walter Label / Off Records ( and will start working on an interactive dance performance together with Myrte Vandeweerd in the summer of 2019.


Besides this he is active in bands like Bombataz, Warm Bad, Leap/Detach, Teun Verbruggen Trio, Nic Thys' Sound People & Woolvs.






Karel Stulens (Ghent Conservatory / School of Arts Ghent)



I am a student Composition at the Conservatory of Ghent under guidance of dr. Daan Janssens. The last two years my working field is shifting towards the path of questioning the relevance of my practice in our modern day society. This research has led to first attempts at interdisciplinary projects revolving around politics, decolonization, relevance etc... . I try to see the concept of 'composing' as 'to work with components'. In this way, my work is often communicative with the global archive (but I am open for everything).






Anaïs Maes (Ghent Conservatory / School of Arts Ghent)

Performer, theatre


“I’m Anaïs Maes, 21 years old and starting my third bachelor Performance next year. My background is in theatre, but my interests are much broader. My main topics are elitism, decolonisation, feminism (so, intersectionality) and also modern technology. In my work I use different media such as spoken word, video, music and visual arts.”


This is the link to my online portfolio:






Lucas Lebrun (Royal Conservatory of Brussels)

Trumpet player (free jazz) and electronics


Self-taught trumpet player, I traveled to New York where I immersed myself in the free jazz culture. Passionate about experimentation, I gradually learned electronics. Now student at the Brussels Conservatory in "Live Electronics", I became quite independent and I pursue very different projects: free improvisation, installation, sound spatialization, interaction between visuals and music, dance music.






Lieve De Sadeleer (Royal Conservatory of Brussels)

Music technology


Lieve De Sadeleer almost finished her master Recorder and started recently the bachelor Live Electronics. In her artistic practice, she explores the possibilities of acoustic instruments with electronics and is very interested in the collaboration between different arts: music with visuals, visuals with sounds, installations and others.

For the moment she’s mostly working in a musical context but she would like to expand this to an interdisciplinary setting.







smila zinecker (Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerpen - KASKA)

Multimedia, theater costume


Two years ago I moved from Manchester to Antwerp to study at the academy theatre costume. That is quite a specific study, but does in that way not entirely reflect what I do or may do some day.

In Manchester I worked in a tailor, and studied for one year at the school of art. Beforehand I lived in different places (UK, Germany, France).


Though I myself make mainly visual images (sewing, making with all sorts materials, drawing), I very much want images to live, which is the point where people and visual, sound, movement images come together.


In that sense I think I see arts as conversations between people, and thus very much tied to wider social situations.

In this project there is this conflict between the two themes technology and disobedience, where technology is mostly made as a tool of enforcing obedience; and from this conflict then comes the question into my head whether the disobedience can function better within the realm of technology or rather outside it.






Myrte Vandeweerd (Candidate research program P.A.R.T.S)



I am a dancer, based in Ghent. I have had workshops in- and outside Belgium from different known contemporary teachers. 

In 2014 I did an internship in London/ Farnham, with Stopgab dance company.


 At this moment I am performing with Klankennest and I am working on my own projects. Duikbootdansje together with Jonas Bruyneel, KERK with Jade Derudder, and 'Inside out' together with Vitja Pauwels ( The project we want to work on in Champdaction) 


I am trying to  work on a very personal, fluent way of moving with using different aspects like interaction, tension vs release, movement vs no movement,.. 






Claire Huber (P.A.R.T.S. en E.H.E.S.S.)







Luis Fernando Amaya

Composer and percussion player


Born in Aguascalientes, México, Luis Fernando Amaya is a Chicago-based composer and percussionist. Topics such as collective memory, "flaw," and the relationship between humans and non-human others (such as plants and animals, imaginary or not) are commonly present in his work. He studied composition and music theory at the Centro de Investigación y Estudios Musicales (CIEM) in México city. Currently, Luis Fernando is pursuing a Ph.D. in composition at Northwestern University.








Wim Pelgrims

Percussion player


I'm Wim Pelgrims, a Belgium (Ghent) based contemporary percussionist. The reason why I'm in this Labo is to meet all of you people and to be inspired by all the different perspectives and visions on art nowadays concerning the new generation. I have a big interested and love for leaving the classical path of the classical contemporary scene and to experiment with all interdisciplinaire boundaries possible, to search for new perspectives, to step up the intensity of the experience by the audience and myself.


link to work:






Jürgen Mayer (Graz)

Composer, computer music


(Very short musical CV, just hard facts :-))


Instrumental lessons: piano, drums

Studies: Composition (Vienna), Audio-Engineering (Vienna), Computer Music (Graz)

Experiences: Internship at Vienna Symphonic Library, Lecturer at Conservatory Sunrise Studios Vienna, Audio-Supervisor at SAE Institute Vienna










Pablo Abelardo Mariña Montalvo (Graz)


Studied Composition at Centro de Investigación y Estudios de la Música (CIEM), currently studying a Master in Computer Music at IEM at The University of Music and Performing Arts Graz.

Youtube link: Info of the piece: (The video link its broken in this one.)

X. Animation by Adrian Regnier Chavez Composition by Pablo Abelardo Mariña Montalvo


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