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Sunday 30th of August - 8 pm



We are happy you will attend the online final showing of 24 artists from all over the world!

You can participate in two ways =

  •   Vimeo LiveStream

  •  Mozilla Hubs

  •  ... (or both)

Welkom! Fijn dat u het online slotparcours zal bijwonen van de 24 jonge artiesten die deze week vanuit heel de wereld deelnemen aan deze bijzondere editie van ChampdAction.LAbO.

Je kan op twee manieren het slotparcours bijwonen =

via de livestream op Vimeo

of in de digitale wereld van Mozilla Hubs.

... (of beide)

Vimeo Livestream

Mozilla Hubs


= the LOBBY

-- tips & tricks -- how to use Mozilla Hubs

open Mozilla Hubs op een computer (liever niet via een tablet of smartphone) met MOZILLA of CHROME voor een beter resultaat -- vermijd Safari!

enter Mozilla Hubs on a computer (don't use a tablet or smartphone if possible) for a better experience and use MOZILLA or CHROME -- avoid Safari (bug!)

the use of a headset is recommended + allow Mozila Hubs to use your mic

if a mic is not available, you can always CHAT!

vergeet je hoofdtelefoon niet en geef Mozilla Hubs toestemming om je microfoon te gebruiken
indien je niet beschikt over een microfoon kan je nog altijd CHATTEN!

control list for navigation in Mozilla Hubs:

hoe beweeg je in Mozilla Hubs? een overzicht:

if you want to go back to a previous room,

you can use the backspace button


when you think the space you're in is freezed (black screen, can't move...), just refresh the browser

als je terug naar een vorige kamer wil kan dit door de backspace toets te gebruiken


als de ruimte die je bekijkt vastloopt (zwart scherm, je kan niet meer bewegen) refresh dan je browser

Projects ChampdAction.LAbO 2020

if you feel a little bit lost in the LOBBY, you can jump directly into the project ROOMS by using the following links (arrows)

voel je je wat verloren in de LOBBY, gebruik dan onderstaande links (pijltjes) om rechtstreeks naar een projectKAMER te springen


Blind Spaces

"Un-coordinate" explores the ambiguity of various nocturnal spaces through sound. This is a dark space so we invite you to quiet your eyes as you wander about to discover different sounds, and don’t be afraid to get lost.

Xdzunúm Trejo Boles, Lucy Fandel, Max Hunter, Anton Lambert, Tricia Enns


enter ROOM

Green Screen Performance

A response-exchange chain of quick works. A performative collage that collapses distance and plays with incidental overlap.

Lin Gerritse, Lucy Fandel, Vladyslav Boyko, Tricia Enns, Max Hunter, Olivia Mc Gilchrist, Katarzyna Trzewik, Xdzunúm Trejo Boles, Alisa Kobzar


enter ROOM

Performing Gender

Actively engage with our personal love stories between us and our gender.

Concept: Anaïs Maes / Execution: Emma Versluys, Marijke Van Mol

10-30 min.

enter ROOM

Escape Game

There is a ghost in the machine… something left behind. It dreams of the world beyond the digital fabric of its prison, a world only the living can know... it must find a way to initiate its transformation... to acquire that which the living possess...

Louisa Teichmann, Ezra Babski, Odis Babski, Anton Lambert, Alyssa Aska

~20 min.

enter ROOM

Instruction Construction

A Creation of Information for the initial purpose of instruction construction presents a direction collection which introduces you to the aura of the LaBO.2020 participants

Karel Stulens, Peter Stiegler


enter ROOM


This is an exploration of silence and its subjective nature. An opportunity for you to experience your... silence.

Melina Scialom, Marijke Van Mol, Emma Versluys, Tricia Enns, Peter Stiegler


enter ROOM


(corrected) Expel-Distanz focuses on interpretations of the action of expelling / distancing from something / somebody, through body movements. It combines choreography music and visuals. Anzor proposes unfinished processes and fragments on the theme, while Xdzunúm dances to be expelled / distanced from the knowledge of choreography...

Xdzunúm Danae, Anzor Ghudushauri

13.56 წუთი

enter ROOM

Night Dreams Of Water

An experience inspired by water, nigh dreams and how we can experience these in a disembodied space, together. One main hubs room leads to three others, loosely inspired by the following words: "one can never step in the same river twice'" "what water will bring, will be taken away by water again," "from water to air, holding and suspending, and then releasing and surfacing."

Alisa Kobzar, Katarzyna Trzewik, Vlad Boyko, Anzor Ghudushauri, Lucy Fandel, Linus Miller, Olivia Mc Gilchrist


enter ROOM

Womb Room

The Womb Room offers an online safe-space of tranquility and reflection, a go-to place in enclosing times, a home of rest.

Sara Greet Gilis, Alyssa Aska


enter ROOM


Alyssa Aska USA / Ezra Babski BE / Odis Babski BE/US Vladyslav Boyko UA / Tricia Enns  CA / Lucy Fandel US/FR / Lin Gerritse NL / Anzor Ghudushauri GE / Sara Greet Gilis BE / Max Hunter CA / Alisa Kobzar UA / Anton Lambert BE / Anaïs Maes BE / Olivia McGilchrist FR/JM / Linus Müller DE / Melina Scialom BR / Peter Stiegler AT / Karel Stulens BE / Louisa Teichmann DE / Xdzunúm  Trejo CA/MX / Katarzyna Trzewik PL / Marijke Van Mol BE / Emma Versluys BE /


Marko Ciciliani - artistic director ChampdAction.LAbO, composer and audiovisual artist
Stefano D'Alessio - music, media-art, visuals
Frederik De Bleser - designer / developer / researcher in interactive media
Wim Henderickx - composer
Kinga Jaczewska - dance
Martina Menegon - music, media-art, visuals
Ine Vanoeveren - flutist, artistic researcher
Angélique Willkie - performer, singer, dramaturge, pedagogue

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