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This participatory installation invites the audience to connect to each other and the spirits. Five people are chosen to gather around a table to join the séance. A reactive environment enables them to sense, communicate and discover.

Eveline, Philipp, Michelle

participative hybrid (installation/performance)

ca. 10 minutes

>> enter the room

Cyber Sensuality

After training AI (Artificial Intelligence) on our different gendered bodies and private intuitive acts, it eventually responds with its own forms of virtual sensuality through gesture, movement and sound. A gender fluid avatar emerges. With this we not only question the power and understanding of ‘erotic’ movement inside an algorithm, but also how eroticism is gendered. Can the AI perceive subtle signs of arousal to understand our displays of embodiment? Suggestive glimpses and subconscious human desires are translated into the virtual world. We present and simultaneously perform between the AI’s interpretation of the erotic and the human, resulting in a flirtatious conversation with Artificial Intelligence.

Nika, Madina, Michelle, Alex, David, Mazarine, Katarzyna

multidisciplinary live performance

ca. 8 - 10 minutes

>> enter the room

The Crowd

The crowd is somewhere in space and time, where the future, present and past are one. This hybrid installation is “in between” the real and the virtual, which can give us humans the perception of travel in time while crossing with this crowded environment.

Explore and be present in the real, virtual — now.

Katarzyna, David, Raquel, Léa, Cèlia

hybrid//performance and installation

5-10 mins

>> enter the room

Here Space Becomes Time 1. and 2.

liquids. lines

[spaces studied in bodily experience]

part 1
as if I have fallen on a race track

part 2
for soon this place will be covered in galloping water

text by nigel stewart

Amarante, Myrthe, Cèlia, Roma, Leonie


>> enter the room

Fluid Time (Interconnected past,present and future)

This interactive sound and video installation translates the fluidity of past, present and future, and the connection between inside and outside space. Time is perceived as interconnected and fluid instead of linear progression. It is inspired by the workshop's theme: Alter Futurum. We invite public to experience the transformative space and their relation with it.

Rabten, Shuang, Bert

Video and Sound Installation

>> enter the room

the Rhythm

The aim of the project is to show the presence of rhythm in different artistic fields — music, dance, visual arts, and also in anything our lives consist of — the bio-rhythms, walking, heartbeat, dialogues and conversations, breath.

The rhythm also connects the performers to the space, which creates a multi-dimensional performance.

Illia, Raquel, Klaas, Shuang, Berkey, Lorenzo, David, Léa

Multi-disciplinary performance

10-15 minutes

>> enter the room

I am moment

Who are you? Are you observed and who am I seeing? Are you the same person in my mirror as in yours, and are you showing the same face?
what part of the personality spectrum do you retain and release under the watchful gaze of our peers, and how can we ever define ourselves in something everchanging

Gizem, Berkey


10 mins

>> enter the room

common ground

A response-exchange chain of quick works. A performative collage that collapses distance and plays with incidental overlap.

Lin Gerritse, Lucy Fandel, Vladyslav Boyko, Tricia Enns, Max Hunter, Olivia Mc Gilchrist, Katarzyna Trzewik, Xdzunúm Trejo Boles, Alisa Kobzar

video installation


Ambiguous Bodies

A free space full of sound objects, participants can explore and interact with the space, designed to think of togetherness in another sense.

The performance is inspired by an experiment filmed on the 25th of August, Wednesday in ChampdAction studio with the participants of LABO. Being with one another through sound objects, but what happens to togetherness under restriction?

Performance further developed into an interactive game that investigates social strategies.

Özge, Lorenzo, Hakan, Roma

hybrid performance/installation

>> enter the room

In Erwägung

Assemble the salvages du carambolage.
Merge layers der Grenzen des Hörens.
Desintegrate il nostro sistemi.
Infinitize <object>

Tommaso Settimi, Lain Iwakura, Maze

voice meets machine

6-7-8 or 10 mins ?

>> enter the room

A Notebook

A notebook is a book or stack of paper pages that are often ruled and used for purposes such as recording notes or memoranda, other writing, drawing or scrapbooking. Notebooks are extremely lightweight and portable. Typically it weighs less than six pounds and fit into a briefcase. Notebooks use a variety of techniques, known as flat-surface or flat-panel technologies. As such, they produce a lightweight and non-bulky display. Lately, they also come with a battery pack that enables you to run them without plugging them in.

Process initiated and performed by Klaas Devos. Developed in collaboration with my peer Labo-artists and coaches.

Performance installation

durational, waiting practice 10min.

>> enter the room

Womb Room

The Womb Room offers an online safe-space of tranquility and reflection, a go-to place in enclosing times, a home of rest.

Sara Greet Gilis, Alyssa Aska




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