Ann Eysermans
aug. 30


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  • Aline de Feyter
    aug. 30

    A sensory awareness of the body’s motions. We leverage an active analysis of everyday motions and kinesthetic memory into a meta-reflective performance combining choreography, soundscape and visual feedback. Summer, Vigdis, Mayank and Aline
  • filip.decoster
    aug. 30

    We have changed rooms, due to some miscommunication from my side, but we are now sharing the 'Muziekstudio' with a few other sweet people. Set up will be tomorrow afternoon!! All musicians are still welcome to forget everything they ever learned and join our lovely, crazy crew!! ARrr!!
  • Joud Toamah
    aug. 29

    Joud and Aline. Researching ways to expand beyond current boundaries of methodology, rules and aesthetics of type design. We made the decision to make a disobedient type installation where the audience and play a role in manipulating and transforming the shape of the word. We are going to screen the type on all the screens of the building and install one camera that triggers the interaction. We are designing the word "Disobedience" in a ping-pong action and reaction chain where each one of us questions the design ethics and aesthetics of the other.