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Intertwining is based on an earlier sound installation of Mathias Geerkens. With this installation, sound was created by the motion rubber bands spread around the room. The first seed of our soundsculpture was planted.

By adding music and dance to its environment, it will be encouraged to grow. Once it found back its roots, it will branch out to be a performance filled with serenity, where all the elements added will grow out to be one living organism.


Mathias, Floris, Mar, Pieter-Jan, Emma, Adam



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    A sensory awareness of the body’s motions. We leverage an active analysis of everyday motions and kinesthetic memory into a meta-reflective performance combining choreography, soundscape and visual feedback. Summer, Vigdis, Mayank and Aline
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    We have changed rooms, due to some miscommunication from my side, but we are now sharing the 'Muziekstudio' with a few other sweet people. Set up will be tomorrow afternoon!! All musicians are still welcome to forget everything they ever learned and join our lovely, crazy crew!! ARrr!!