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aug. 27

LONE GORILLA(S) --------------------------

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Hello everyone!


So, as I said, I am about to make some decisions today, and the first happened to be the name.

I named it Lone Gorilla(s) because it is an oxymoron, you can't be alone when you're with other people (literally speaking). The lone is about the fact that I was the one who mentioned it, but I felt a lot of people noticed it too. so although I felt a bit alone, I am most definitely not. Also it is because it's a "solo performance", but on the other hand it is not, but more about that the coming days as I figured more things out.

My main goal is to really point out that there is an imbalance in the art world, and although a lot of people are aware, there doesn't happen a lot to make it equal.

A collective of anonymous women artists, called the Guerilla Girls, are making this their prime goal ever since 1984. They figured that humor and statistics where the best way to communicate to people what's really going on: humor disarms us, and in the world we live in, nothing can beat science.

because this is a multilayered problem, and I am only one person, I will use different masks. I feel that costumes in theatre have always been a way for a performer to take a distance from herself, and be someone else.

What I have in mind now is to talk about the different aspects, with information I gained from talking to others, being really inspired by these women in gorilla masks, and also really making my point that a situation where there is inequality doesn't do anyone any good. Nor whites, nor men, and really not to women, other non comforming genders, non able bodied people, and people of color.

I am in loge 26, please stop by if you want to talk, contribute, give feedback, input, or maybe just want to vent. I'm open to everyone. x


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