Eilidh Harrower
aug. 20

Political Relationship Between Technology and Disobedience

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Myself and Smila Zinecker are devising a project based on the political relationship between technology and disobedience, and whether technology can actually be viewed as neutral with regards to disobedience.

Can technology be a neutral device for both obedience and disobedience? Or does technology have inherently obedient roots that detract from disobedience? Can technological disobedience only come from a refusal of technology, or can technology aid in acts of disobedience?


We would like to reach out to anyone else interested in this discussion point to reach out and join our brainstorming! We do not have a set product yet, but we would like to explore the idea of there being a living performance at the end of the project.

We are particularly interested in seeing what a musician could bring to our project ideas.

Feel free to reach out to Smila (s.zinecker@gmx.com) or myself (eilidh.ss.harrower@gmail.com) if you have any questions or ideas!

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