aug. 25

Sour Surrender (LEMONS)

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Roberta and I are obsessed with yellow, particularly this thing called lemons, within this color. So far we've only sporadically researched movement, photography and videography based on this blissful citrus kiss.

This week we want to pull it out of research and push it into a try-out of an installation. We have an archive of visuals which we would like to reshuffle, remix and re-animate.

We want to collaborate with people working with visual, sounds/music, textures, video and theater, perhaps to find narration while we perform a magic trick.


Sour Surrender will attempt to tickle all the senses and change the perception of one.

Through visuals we will try to re-function the lemon.

Through movement we will exaggerate and emphasize the relation to lemons and the symbol of it between us. Within this, we may construct a social game. This game will aid us to perhaps interact with the audience as well each other. We are keen to investigate the qualities, symbols, functions, metaphors, puns (of lemons/citrus fruit) with a twist of surrealism and absurdity to create a delightful cocktail.


This is the video we made last year, which is a try-out of a assembly of visuals we played with during that brief time.




This may still sound a bit vague but we want to work/talk/discuss/sing to find its shape.

We are only incubators of this. Once it hatches it has life of its own.


To the people that showed interest: hope you are still interested

To others: we welcome you to come by.

we like to think we are nice.









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